Mica Sheet Mica Plate
  • Mica Sheet Mica Plate

Mica Sheet Mica Plate

Brand Zhongtian

Product origin Hubei, China (Mainland)

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1. High-temperature insulation
2. High dielectric strength
3. Good stampable performance
4. Excellent mechanical strength
5. Excellent flame-resistance, the tolerance of highest temperature is 1000°C.
6. Good dielectric strengh, the highest break-Voltage is 20KV/mm2.
7. Fine bending strength and flexibility.
8. Asbestos-free.
9. Ecologically safe and non-toxic.

Mica Sheet Mica Plate

mica sheet mica plate Product certifications:

By the mica paper, resin and properties, mica plates have following types:




Mica board

Muscovite board

Phlogopite board

Heat Resistant 500 °c

Heat Resistant 800 °c

Hardness grade

Rigid board

Flexible board




Matt Plate 

Glossy board

Surface Rough

Surface Glossy

Rigid high temperature heat resistant thermal insulation mica board 

Rigid laminated material, constructed of muscovite or phologpite mica paper with silicon resin.
They are known by its excellent thermal resistance, good flame resistance, high dielectric strength, excellent physical strength, and little smoke by heating.
The products have been widely used in the industries of household electric appliances (clothes irons, hair dryers, toasters, kettles, cooking appliances, microwave ovens, air heaters), metallurgy (frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, arc furnace), medical appliances, etc.

Flexible high temperature heat resistant thermal insulation mica board 
Flexible Mica Board is a kind of flexible laminated material, it has excellent dielectric properties , excellent tensile strength and easy to form at room temperature. They are often used for hair dryers, curlers, electrical irons, motors and so on.


Glossy high temperature heat resistant thermal insulation mica board 

Glossy Mica Board are made from muscovite (or phlogopite) mica paper and high temperature resistant silicon resin, compared with rigid mica board, its surface are very smooth, but properties have no different. Glossy Mica Plate series has two species: Glossy muscovite mica plate and Glossy Phologpite mica plate.



  Muscovite Plate 

           H P5  

 Phlogopite Plate  

          H P5(J)

 Muscovite flexible Plate 

             H P5(R)

 Phlogopite flexible Plate

            H P5(JR)


Silicon Resin

Mica Content


Binder Content








Tolerance (mm)                        











Density ( g/cm3 )





Heat loss at 500 °c (%) 

           ≤ 1.00

          ≤ 0.60

              ≤ 2.00

                  ≤ 2.00

Flexural Strength ( kgf/mm² )

            ≥ 18

           ≥ 16



Dielectric Strength (KV/mm)





Insulation Resistance (MΩ) 





Long Run work Temperature

          500 °c

           800 °c

                 500 °c

                     800 °c

Standard Size (mm)

                                                            1000*600 , 1000*1200 , 1000*2400

Standard Reference


mica plate


Rigid thermal insulation muscovite mica sheet / pad by about 90% of white mica paper, or gold mica paper, and high performance organic silicon resin of the baking suppression and into. Mainly used in household oven, hair dryer, iron, roll hairpin, electric heat comb, heating wire heater, protecting wall plate heater and the electrical heating stents, pad line, clapboard, has become indispensable moisture, heat insulation and insulating material, good electrical strength and mechanical properties. This product has been through UL authentication and comply with IEC371 standards. 


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