Single Side Glass Fiber Reinforced Mica Tape
  • Single Side Glass Fiber Reinforced Mica Tape

Single Side Glass Fiber Reinforced Mica Tape

Brand Zhongtian

Product origin Hubei, China (Mainland)

Delivery time ​after deposit within 10 days

1. High-temperature insulation
2. High dielectric strength
3. Good stampable performance
4. Excellent mechanical strength
5. Excellent flame-resistance, the tolerance of highest temperature is 1000°C.
6. Good dielectric strengh, the highest break-Voltage is 20KV/mm2.
7. Fine bending strength and flexibility.
8. Asbestos-free.
9. Ecologically safe and non-toxic.

Single Side Glass Fiber Reinforced Mica Tape

Phlogopite Mica Tape consist of the high quality phlogopite mica paper bonded to an glass fiber cloth as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a specially selected high temperature resistant silicon resin.

For the excellent high voltage and temperature characteristics, it has been widely used for fire resistant cable, which have high safe demand machine and place, like:  Aerospace field, Safe work tunnel, Motor and electric equipment cables, signaling cables, especially high-voltage cable and so on.

Due to the very high flexibility and high tensile strength ,this tape can be easily applied with high speed standard wrapping equipment.

The priority of this insulator tape is it can resist high temperature.

The fire experiment show that the fire cable wraped with this mica tape, can resist for 3 hours before breakdown, when temperature at 800C, and voltage at 1000V. 

And due to the good chemical stability, there's small exhaust gas during the high temperature.

single side glass fiber mica tape

Our priority is we make high quality mica paper in our own factory.

We can ensure stable quality products. Thanks.

Fire resistant cable structure:

Mica tape structure: side view


Uncutted mica tape on the cutting machine. The left is glass fiber cloth face to us, the right is mica paper face to us.



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single side glass fiber mica tape

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